July 8, 2022 6:00 pm — July 10, 2022 6:00 pm
Alunisu, 25

Sancraiu, Cluj 407516 Romania
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Short course

Becoming self-sufficient – How can I do that?

About this short course

This short course is for those who would like to feel even more connected with Self, others, food and nature and are ready to make a shift towards more autonomy, freedom of choice and personal health, while improving one’s own quality of life. Self-sufficient practices tend to be natural and ecological, thus resulting in a happier and healthier planet as well.

In these times, it seems more than ever before, more and more people are realising the value of access to good and healthy food, clean air and water, nature and quality time with the people we love. We will uncover the possibilities which a self-sufficient life offer to increase these essential ingredients of human life.

In this short course we will look at what it means to become more self-sufficient regarding money, housing, food and personal needs. What are the steps we might take? What are the possibilities? What locations are possible? Can you do it? What skills would you need to learn and how?

Living a self-sufficient life does not necessarily mean that you are living apart from others, in your own home with garden, somewhere far away in a secluded place, doing everything that it takes to survive your self. This may be possible, more or less, though not necessary. A self-sufficient lifestyle can also mean that you are part of a local collaborative community helping to support each other, connecting and sharing with your neighbours, being part of a social fabric. This can be done in both rural and urban areas. We will also explore a number of self-sufficiency skills which participants can put into practice within their own life, both small and large. And, as is always the case at Provision, participants will be invited to join self-sufficient activities at our small farm, in the gardens and orchards

All within the rural and natural village setting of Provision where there will also be time for connection with Self, other humans and the more-than human living world.

Main facilitators

Robyn Marie Bors Veraart

Lars Veraart

Lars and Robyn both decided, together and for themselves, to leave the professional tracks they were on as counsellor/psychotherapist and veterinarian in order to focus their life energy and resources upon becoming food sovereign and experiencing a way of living that is based on bread labor (meeting subsistence needs as much as possible with one’s own hands).  Coming from North America and Western Europe and thereby having many choices of where to learn the skills needed to cultivate, harvest and transform food for preservation, they chose and were chosen by the village of Alunisu/Magyarokereke in Transylvania.  And this is where and how they have been living, along with their son Carsten and many more-than-human companions and community members since 2009.  In 2012, they began to open their home to guests who were also interested in learning the skills that they were learning in the village school of life…  This practice of hosting has blossomed into the living and learning center that is called Provision.


Basic fee: 280 RON
Balance fee: 380 RON
Community fee: 480 RON

The Balanced fee reflects what is needed to organise the course. For those who cannot afford the balanced fee, we like to offer a basic fee. Basic fees are co-created when others, who have more access to financial resources, pay the Community fee.

Workshop participation and meals (healthy local farm food) are included in the price. Accommodation is separate. Please check our ‘Coming to Provision’ page for more accommodation options and other practical information.

A series of 3 short courses

This ‘Becoming self-sufficient – How can I do that?’ short course is one out of a series of 3 short courses Provision hosts in the spring/summer of 2022. The other two are ‘Exploring a Regenerative Lifestyle’ and NonViolent Communication (NVC) within Constellations.
You can participate in as many of them as you like.  We can offer a 10% reimbursement of the total (balanced or community) fee if you register for 2 courses and 20% if you register for all 3. Please inform us after completion of the courses in case you like to receive this reimbursement.

Other logistics

Please see our ‘coming to Provision’ page for our location, how to reach us, accommodation options, food and what to bring.

Yes, I want to join!

In case you are interested in this course, please send us an email , so we can keep you informed.

In case you want to join the course, you can pay and fill out the form below.

By filling out the form below and paying for the course your place will be reserved. You can pay the balance fee and the community fee, which covers the course plus food. Accommodation can be payed once at Provision (please see the different accommodation options at the ‘coming to Provision’ page). In case your financial resources are limited, you can contact us by mail or phone (0725575838) and we can see if we can offer you the basic fee.

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