The Walnut House

The Walnut House may be rented privately by individuals on retreat, families for a restorative weekend or longer stay, or by groups of up to 5 people.

The Walnut house is often available for rent during workshops or courses for those who need more comfort than our basic standards of Voluntary Simplicity offer.

There is a small efficiency kitchen, as well as a bathroom with toilet and shower. The house has two rooms – one private sleeping room with a double bed, and a living room with sofa and space for more sleeping options.  There is a fire-pit in the front yard for outdoor cooking. The courtyard is shared with Provision’s goat barn.


275 RON / 55 EUR per night

1450 RON / 300 EUR per week

Payments are made to the Provision Transylvania Association and will be used for the mission and goals of the association.


Please contact us for availability at or tel +40(0)725.575.838


The Walnut House


Living Room