September 30, 2022 6:00 pm — October 2, 2022 4:00 pm
Alunisu, 25

Sancraiu, Cluj 407516 Romania
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Short course

Exploring a Regenerative Lifestyle

About this short course

This short course is for those who would like to make a personal transformation towards a lifestyle that is positively contributing to the wellbeing of Planet Earth and all of life, including our own.

In these times, when global and local degenerative (destructive) practices keep increasing  on social, ecological, economical and cultural levels, there is a growing need, awareness and demand for learning regenerative practices and growing regenerative cultures.

In this short course we dive into the world of Regeneration. What is it? Why is it needed? How can we all practice regeneration, in each moment of every day?

We will ask ourselves how we can contribute towards a living and healthy future that works for all. Is a sustainable lifestyle sufficient to counter the massive degenerative (destructive) activities of humankind over the last few thousands of years? We do not think so. That is why we take sustainability a step further… With regenerative practices, conditions for life are created, not merely sustained at a certain level. Regenerative living means that we go beyond sustainability. Regeneration means creating conditions for life to thrive.

We need to regenerate while growing food, building houses, caring for those with special needs, attending to our own needs, communicating with children, our partners, and all of life. Regenerative practices can be brought into all aspects of our life, and we will discover many of them.

We will work with the ‘Map of Regeneration’, designed by the Global Ecovillage Network and explore the four domains of the social, ecological, economical and cultural and put this in a whole systems design.

We will also make spaces for each participant to explore which regenerative practices, both small and large, they would like to call into their own life-situation and create individual regenerative plans based on categories of what is already in place, what is doable and what we will work to create conditions for with specific next steps.  And, as is always the case at Provision, participants will be invited to join regenerative activities at our small farm, in the gardens and orchards.

All within the rural and natural village setting of Provision where there will also be time for connection with Self, other humans and the more-than human living world.

Main facilitator

Lars Veraart

Lars is truly driven to find a way to live in this world that is in line with his values of care for the Earth.  His love of animals great and small brought him through the study of Veterinary Medicine to 15 years work throughout France.  There he saw the degradation of quality of life – for soil, animals as well as people as the farms where he worked were forced by larger systems to grow bigger and bigger…

His interest in alternative forms of…everything… led him to Transylvania where he, along with his wife Robyn, founded Provision, a family farm and learning center devoted to Agroecology and Nonviolence.  Here he joins a long and distinguished line of doctors who have (re)discovered for themselves the direct line between the health of soil, the health of animals (including humans) and the health of Planet.

Besides 15 years of experience as a veterinarian and 12 years as a regenerative peasant, Lars is a by Gaia Education certified designer for sustainability, with a focus on the work with the ‘Map of Regeneration’.


Basic fee: 280 RON
Balance fee: 380 RON
Community fee: 480 RON

The Balanced fee reflects what is needed to organise the course. For those who cannot afford the balanced fee, we like to offer a basic fee. Basic fees are co-created when others, who have more access to financial resources, pay the Community fee.

Workshop participation and meals (healthy local farm food) are included in the price. Accommodation is separate. Please check our ‘Coming to Provision’ page for more accommodation options and other practical information.

A series of 3 short courses

The ‘Exploring a Regenerative Lifestyle’ short course is one out of a series of 3 short courses Provision hosts in the spring/summer of 2022. The other two are ‘Becoming More Self-Sufficient; How can I do that?’ and ‘NVC – NonViolent Communication (NVC) within Constellations.’
You can participate in as many of them as you like. We can offer a 10% reimbursement of the total (balanced or community) fee if you register for 2 courses and 20% if you register for all 3. Please inform us after completion of the courses in case you like to receive this reimbursement.

Other logistics

Please see our ‘coming to Provision’ page for our location, how to reach us, accommodation options, food and what to bring.

Yes, I want to join!

In case you are interested in this course, please send us an email , so we can keep you informed.

In case you want to join the course, you can pay and fill out the form below.

By filling out the form below and paying for the course your place will be reserved. You can pay the balance fee or community fee, which covers the course plus food. Accommodation can be payed separately once at Provision (please see the different accommodation options at the ‘coming to Provision’ page). In case your financial resources are limited, you can contact us by mail or phone (0725575838) and we can see if we can offer you the basic fee.

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