Provision Transylvania (‘Provision’) is an official non-profit organisation (NGO) within the Romanian legal system. Since Provision has atypical venue spaces and delivers services which are unconventional, though we have searched, we have not yet found legal ways to cover legal and/or financial responsibility for any potential damage done to the physical and mental wellbeing and health of our guests, nor to their possessions.
This means, that, whomever decides to engage in activities at Provision, may it be just a visit, an overnight stay, a meal, a workshop, a volunteer act, or any other, needs to find willingness to take full responsibility for her/his own mental and physical wellbeing and health and any damage to and/or loss of personal belongings.
Your hosts at Provision Transylvania, will do everything within their capacity to limit any and all risk to physical and mental damage of any kind. It is part of Provision’s mission to enhance the wellbeing and health of planet and people; this is our intention and what we hope to achieve…  And, in case an unfortunate incident does occur, we cannot and will not take any legal responsibility.  It is important to us that you understand and agree to this before arriving at and engaging with Provision