Do you want to organise an event or workshop and don’t have the space to hold it?   Are you looking for a place in a beautiful rural and natural setting, embedded in village life? 

We are happy to welcome you and your group, your event, your course or workshop. We especially appreciate when they are oriented towards Provision mission: Creating living and learning opportunities which contribute to health and wellbeing for planet and people.

Our goal is to provide conditions in which people might access knowledge and experiential learning to support them in their path towards a future of Planet Earth that includes the wisdom of all beings. You can help us to accomplish our goal by organizing your event at Provision.

Group Size

Preferably between 10 and 15 persons.

We have hosted groups of up to 30 and as small as 5.


Preferably 2 – 3 day weekend or 5 – 10 day ‘week’ programs.

One day events are also possible.

The Place

The Provision grounds consist of:

  • Provision Family farm. This is the small peasant agroecological farm run by Robyn, Lars and Carsten with the support of volunteers.
  • Provision school house. Once a traditional peasant household, including outbuildings and rootcellar. Two rooms which can each hold comfortably 15 persons. 
  • Blue house. This is the ‘community hub’. There is a common living room/kitchen area and a room for residents.
  • Guesthouse. Our ‘Walnut House’ sleeps up to max. 5 persons and is equipped with small efficiency kitchen and bathroom with shower.

Sanitary Facilities

• Outside solar showers and compost toilets.

•We practice Voluntary simplicity out of a need to respect the water and soil systems of our living planet.

•With this comes the opportunity to learn experientially about nature’s primary resource flow systems.


•Provision can assist in the organisation of the meals for your group, or provide the space for you to cook your own food.

•The meals that we provide, as much as possible, are sourced from our own local produce, seasonal, or preserved.  We also source from other local, small-scale organic producers. There are a number of village cooks that Provision works with depending on their availability. Eating at Provision means being part of the local food systems in terms of what food resources are available at the time of your visit, traditional recipes, menu-planning.

•In case you prefer to bring your own food, we ask that you to take great care in bringing as much local, seasonal and organic products which are minimally packaged.  We have a strong request of ourselves and our guests to utilise re-usable packaging while steering away from any/all packaging that is single-use.


Provision can offer

the “Walnut” guesthouse (max. 5 persons)

•shared indoor rooms in one of the Provision’s houses

•boarding within the houses of villagers (when a group is larger than 15 or when weather conditions are not conducive for camping…)

•places for tents in the orchards

•space to make your bed in one of our hay barns

Participants are also welcome to self arrange a guesthouse in the nearby village Sancraiu (3 km)

What we can add to your event

• workshops and activities in the field of regenerative living including, but not limited to: nonviolent communication (NVC), agroecology, self-sufficiency, permaculture, and sustainability.

•experiential learning and hands-on experience on our farm. Hands-on activities that are excellent for team-building, bringing theoretical teachings to life with experiential learning.

•dedicated times and spaces for meditation, yoga and music (informal, “around the fireside” type  or organised drumming/chanting sessions).

•Guided ‘eco-hikes’ in the surrounding mountains.

•Trips with horse and cart


Costs depend on the duration of your event, the number of people, the season, the choices for food and accommodation and the level of Provision community members’ participation.

Please visit also our ‘living and learning center’ and ‘coming to Provision’ pages to be more informed about what you can expect at Provision.

Please CONTACT US with your idea and we can plan and co-create together.

Place your hands on my knees, child.

I think eternity was born in a village.

Here any thought comes slower

and your heart jolts more rarely

as if it didn’t beat in your chest,

but deep in the ground somewhere.

Here the thirst for salvation gets cured

and if you’ve walked till your feet bled

you can sit down on a clay hearth.

Look, it’s evening.

The soul of the village flutters around us

like the timid smell of cut grass

like the falling of smoke from straw rooftops

like the play of young goats over tall graves.

Lucian Blaga

Soul of the Village