Living and Learning Center

Living and learning center means that we walk our talk. We bring our lessons to life and implicate our lives into every lesson.

Provision’s classroom is either inside our schoolhouse (a former traditional peasant home), in an orchard, in a garden, or upon a mountain top… Teachings are either formal or through play and work. Provision’s teachers are everywhere; in the more-than-human teachers surrounding us, as well as in the form of human teachers carrying knowledge and wisdom from this region or from soils further afield.

“It is this living example of the art of living well in harmony with the land and creating inner harmony in doing so that I found so inspiring” – Satish Kumar about Provision

Provision offers a range of events, courses and workshops related to regenerative living and non violence, and also hosts similar events organised by others.

Regenerative Living

Regenerative living means that we go beyond sustainability. Regeneration means creating conditions for life to thrive. So much degeneration (destruction) has been and continues to be done to our living planet and social systems that ‘only’ a sustainable lifestyle in not enough anymore…

“ Regeneration puts life at the center of every action and decision ” – Paul Hawken

We need to regenerate while growing food, building houses, caring for those with special needs, communicating with children, our partners, and all of life. Regenerative practices can be brought into all aspects of our life: social, ecological, economical and cultural.

Provision’s co-founder Lars is a by Gaia Education certified designer in sustainability, with a focus on the work with the Map of Regeneration, designed by the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN).


Nonviolence means doing as little harm as possible while doing the greatest good for as many as possible in order to support life, health and beauty. Provision’s purpose is to co-create and supports systems that will help to bring nonviolence to life. Nonviolence is expressed in innumerable ways; the way we speak with each other, in what we buy and eat, how we transport our selves, how we care for the imprisoned, those of us who are ill, our neighbours, our more-than-human world…

“Provision is a tiny spot where care for the land, care for the people and care for a nonviolent future come together” – Miki Kashtan

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a practice designed to increase human capacity for empathic care and to orient individuals, groups and cultures toward systems that are life-enriching.
Provision’s co-founder, Robyn, is part of a global community of certified NVC trainers as well as a growing network of NVC practitioners and trainers in Romania.

The Farm

Provision Farm is a small family farm operated by Lars, Robyn and Carsten, together with the help of numerous volunteers and interns. The farm is regenerative and peasant agroecological.
The farm provides for more than 80% of all the food consumed by everyone living on the farm and staying at Provision. Most work is done by hand and horsepower. No chemicals and artificial fertilizers are used.

“Regenerative agriculture represents more than a shift of practices. It is also a shift in paradigm and in our basic relationships to nature.” – Charles Eisenstein

Provision Farm is situated within the village of Alunisu, as all households in the village used to be owned by peasants. Most fields are outside the boundary of the village and the animals graze on the common lands (yes, the village is still holding onto its common lands – just barely…).
Provision Farm has 10 milk goats, one draft horse and two young Hutcul horses-in-training, chickens and ducks. There are orchards, vegetable gardens and fields for grains and staples like potatoes, onions and carrots, all on less then 2 hectares of land.