We are working as a team with national, regional and local partners to build together a

“NVC village within a village.”

This IIT is being held in a special place;

a small mixed ethnic village in Transylvania, Romania known to local Hungarian inhabitants as Kalotaszentkirály-Zentelke and local Romanian inhabitants as Sâncraiu.

The village is also home to some of the highest biodiversity in Europe in the meadows and foothills of the “Apuseni” or Western Carpathian Mountains.

Would you be willing to join us and find yourself as part of this experience?

Location: Sancraiu, Transylvania


it is situated in the Western part of Transylvania, 60 km west of the ‘capital of Transylvania’, Cluj Napoca.

Sancraiu is nestled in the foothills of the Western Carpathians or Apuseni Mountains, in an oasis of fruit and walnut trees on the divide of wild mountain forest and gently rolling agricultural land. In the mountains  close to the village, bears, wolves and lynxes still roam in a vast stretch of nature preserve connected to the famous Padis plateau, where hikers and spelunkers like to explore a complex terrain of mountains, rivers and caves. The rolling hills around the village is where local smallholders have been cultivating the fields for many centuries. This makes our venue an excellent place to build community, submerge ourselves in ‘living NVC’ including the more-than-human natural world.

Getting to Sancraiu

See this small video to get a glimpse of the beauty of our region…

The village where our IIT will be held is conveniently situated at 5 km from the small town of Huedin/Banffyhunyád which is on the main highway connection between Budapest and Bucharest and frequented by national and international bus services.  Sancraiu is only 60 km from the city of Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvár (also called the ‘cultural capital’ of Transylvania) and has an international train station and airport. Travelling from Cluj Napoca to Sancraiu can be done by car, taxi (Around 70 euro) and bus (to Huedin) and above this we will arrange special direct shuttle services between Cluj Napoca and Sancraiu on the starting and ending days of the IIT. Information and registration options for these shuttle services will be communicated to registered participants closer to the IIT.

Our NVC village

Our NVC village will include a number of community meeting spaces, workshop spaces and guesthouses within the heart of Sancraiu.  As these locations are surrounding a 13th century wooden church, we have asked and got permission of the parish priests to have access to the sanctuary during our IIT  for personal moments of silence, meditation and prayer.  The main dining hall is an old barn that has been transformed but still maintains its rustic appeal and there are many special places to sit also outside on the terrace or in the museum room among the traditionally painted furnishings and specially decorated walls and ceilings, in a fruit orchard or along the small river The Calata which meanders through the village.

Every morning after breakfast and every evening before dinner, we will meet as a whole group in the meeting hall of this church guesthouse.  Two of the largest workshop spaces (including our main meeting hall) are in this building while two smaller ones will be within a few minutes’ walk from here.

We hope that there will be a beautifully gift-filled reciprocity between all of us participating in this IIT and those who are living in the village.  Surely we all have things to offer and learn from one another… There are many pathways within the village, on main roads or smaller little alleyways…. We will provide some walking maps with various routes to choose from.  You might simply stroll through the village sensing who is there, or walk along the banks of The Calata River, or go for the best ice cream in the whole region, or you may verge toward the surrounding fields and mountains.  We highly recommend that you come a few days early or stay a few days longer to further explore the region…

As our venue is atypical in the sense that we are crafting a ‘village within a village’ and rely on spaces which were not designed with wheelchair accessibility and reduced mobility in mind, we ask you kindly to please contact the IIT organisers to check with us how this might impact you in case you are dealing with issues related to reduced mobility.


We will be offering a diversity of food options from two separate kitchens. We value nonviolence and finding ways to do least harm and therefore prioritise local food systems and regenerative agricultural practices. You will see this reflected in the meals you will be offered, while always finding a balance between the need of integrity and what is doable.

We will offer vegan, vegetarian as well as meat inclusive meal options, and are looking forward to offer you a diversity of traditional and temporary Transylvanian cuisine.

Breakfasts will be offered separately in each of the family-owned and operated guesthouses where you will stay.  Lunches and Dinners will be served buffet-style in our main dining hall.


You pay for your room and board through your registration process either in RON, EUR or USD.

After we have received both your registration and payment for room and board, your accommodation preferences will be taken care of by father and son, both named Istvan Vincze from Davincze Tours, a family owned rural tourism office in the village of Sancraiu. There are a number of guesthouses in the village that will be used during the IIT, all within max. 5 minutes walk from the main venue spaces (dining hall and group spaces).

In case you like to stay longer in the village then the duration of the IIT, or arrive early, please arrange these extra nights separately and this time directly with Davincze Tours. Please communicate clearly that you will participate in the IIT, what room preference you have and for how many nights you would like to book extra.

You can contact Davincze Tours by email (in English, Romanian or Hungarian)

Email address: davincze54@gmail.com

Contact the Organizers

Please do not hesitate to ask us any question you have related to the venue. You can reach the IIT organizers by email: