It was a long and winding road… towards the main mobility of an Erasmus project between Giraffe Social Enterprises in the UK and Provision Transylvania which brought, ultimately, 20+ souls from the UK and beyond to the lands of Provision, Hazel Village and the Kalatoszeg region. We began in 2019 (pre-pandemic and pre-brexit) and weathered all of these, quietly awaiting the time when we might come together in the name of regenerative culture-building, village-mindedness and restorative systems building.

And whether we were to come together remained a question almost until the moment it happened, and then some stormy weather both literal and figurative did rain down upon us…. The summer kitchen has never been more crowded nor more flooded. It was (barely) organised chaos… and… we had some beautiful moments, learned the hard way together, and lived to tell the tale.

It was wonderful for us to host some people whose work we greatly respect. We made and strengthened bonds new and old. There were many questions raised which continue to ricochet and reverberate and cause me to wonder. Not a day passes when I do not remember some aspect of these very intense and special days when we attended to all aspects of life: the rhythms of the farm, the beauty of the land, the biodiverse region surrounding us and, ultimately, we also turned to face some of the discomforts we found within ourselves and one another.

Many thanks to all who helped this event to take place. It provided much-appreciated inspiration to improve Provision’s infrastructure to create 10 new sleeping places out of traditional beds made in the village which we repaired and painted. We were also able to clean the schoolhouse outbuildings to create a new group space which has continued to serve as a meeting place, dining hall and workshop space for various events since….

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