The Alunisu NVC “summer camp” held at Provision saw its 3rd iteration in 2022.  In a way though, it felt like an inauguration, in the sense that it was a new beginning after the pandemic and it seemed to prophesy at least the possibility of many beautiful gatherings to follow…

The schoolhouse, with its two rooms was put to full use with simultaneous workshops offered by Robyn and Alexandru.  18 participants could choose from topics more or less oriented toward outer work (Alexandru) and inner work (Robyn), and we were amazed by how the smaller groups were ever-changing yet always effortlessly split in two.

These workshops were supported by the hosting qualities of Stefana who assisted attendees with lodging coordination (in Alunisu on the grounds of Provision, or in official guesthouses in Sâncraiu at 3km distance) and helped with anything and everything that was needed!   And also by Lars who coordinated the meals made for us by friends in the village and arranged farming activities so that participants could spend part of Saturday closer to the ground offering community service and/or with their hands in the soil.  He also led us all on a nature tour of the surrounding lands on Friday evening around sunset.

We were grateful for the warm and dry weather, and also extremely grateful for the unannounced rain that came late on Saturday evening – the night that we had been sharing songs and laughter together around the campfire.  One of the songs we sang a number of times was an old one that we hoped would call in some rain as, at that moment, the extremely dry conditions were threatening the health of the plants and fruit trees and at least one of the villages in our region had run out of water in their communal basin.

There were many moments that felt magical to me in those 3 short but extremely full days, and I observed countless smiles, tears of joy and release and I heard laughter echoing through the village.  I experienced this gathering as a blessing for all of us, and also the more-than-human world.  I think that our ancestors were smiling with us, and my hope and plan is to continue to  realise the co-creation of such moments.

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