One of the projects that Robyn was holding during our “Coronavirus Lockdown Time” here in Romania was helping with the translation of Charles Eisenstein’s article “The Coronation” into Romanian:

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Robyn read the article shortly after lockdown began and shared it with the group of people who are part of an Erasmus project called “Building Bridges of Dialogue for Cohesive Communities” through the Asociatia Pentru Comunicare NonViolenta, our umbrella organisation for NVC in Romania.  Of this group, Petronela Apetri, Maria Stoica and Oana Ragalie were inspired to work on the translation, in fact, it was Oana who first brought it to our attention that this would be possible…  Because the team helping to organise translations on Charles Eisenstein’s website said that he liked to know the translators in order to be sure that their understanding is aligned with his, Robyn got involved with it, to do her best in making sure that the nuances of meaning in the writing were translating with as much integrity as possible.

We all enjoyed working on this as a team so much that we have agreed to continue to make translations from English to Romanian for Charles’ writings into the future – whenever that will be possible for us!  We hope that you enjoy this article which we found deeply inspired and inspiring throughout the entire process of translation – which was long.  The article is not a short read, but it is, in our opinion, truly worthwhile and it is our hope that this translation may serve more native Romanian speakers to enjoy it!

Here is the link to Charles Eisenstein’s article înCORONArea in Romanian:

and the original English, the Coronation:

with care,

Robyn, Oana, Petronela and Maria

Provision Transylvania

May 2020

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