Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 11.06.16We were thrilled to hear that “our photographer,” Vera Duivenvoorden would return, for the 3rd time, to visit Provision this spring!!!  We call her “our photographer” because the first time she was here, in 2013, was the moment when she decided to take a leap of faith into what she felt was her true calling: photography.  And, coincidentally, it was here where she met another great photographer, Rachel Corner and here where the two began talking about beginning a photography project for children…

Since then, Vera has been working to promote her organisation, Magneet (Magnet, in English) which runs a project for children called Kijk! (Look!) which promotes children to use photography to document their lives.  These photographs are turned by Vera and her staff into expositions that serve to connect people from different backgrounds.

And when Vera is not at Provision to make photos that tell the story of what we are offering here, she is using photography as a tool to tell personal stories by taking portraits of people or teaching children how to document their lives.

We are amazed and grateful to be in connection with Vera, a shining example of what can happen when one is willing and able to take a risk to follow her heart into uncharted territory.  To see more of Vera’s work, please visit:

See here some of her work while at Provision:

VD 201905151256
VD 201905151243
VD 201905151318
VD 201905151153

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