Provision offers you the possibility to live and learn with and from a community of subsistence farmers.   In Alunisu, one can learn through osmosis, simply from being near what happens here on a daily basis.  Here one can see and feel all around how traditional small farms function.  Here one can live the ‘old Europe’, the forgotten and lost world of our grandparents… 

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Our philosophy

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Why not?...

You can attend classes on similar topics in your home country.  Why travel to the rural area of Transylvania instead of to the basket weaving course in your home town? We are aware that you have a choice. What makes those extra miles worth it? 

In choosing to travel to Transylvania, you offer yourself the chance to step into a different world.  This is the last stronghold of ecological, self-sufficient peasant culture in all of Europe.  Come be witness to the architecture of sustainability; centuries of traditional life is still here, within reach…

We have taken the time to seek out the people you want to meet and information that you want to know.  We put a package together for you or your group, tailored to suit your specific interests and needs.

...and why we teach ?

We have been inspired by the beauty of Transylvania: its stunning mountain vistas, pastoral countryside, the purely natural buildings that are still in existence, the abundance of subsistence farms, the open-air markets, the flocks of animals that graze on common land attended by shepherds, by the omnipresence of “Van Gogh” haystacks, by the carts pulled by horse or by ox, by the hard work that the people do to keep their houses, animals and fields tended…

And because we feel that a subsistence farming (smallholding / homesteading) lifestyle has a relative low environmental impact, while keeping those practicing it in close contact with the earth and natural cycles and systems. We hope to inspire others to choose for a more or even more complete self-reliant life style. We believe that it is a healthy way of living; for our own body and mind, as well as for the world we live in. We hope, in this way, to move ever closer to a MORE SUSTAINABLE WORLD, and see Provision as our way to contribute to this big task we are all facing.

Proceeds from Provision go towards helping those living a sustainable life-style to continue!  In this way, we hope to help specific farms within Alunisu to continue to do the good work that they do, as well as to help Transylvania maintain its traditional beauty and charm. We are also hoping to attract people who are interested to do more of the same to help Transylvania and the world preserve this last bastion of one form of sustainable society.


In choosing to travel to Transylvania, you offer yourself the chance to step into a different world.

 Provision is a new school for agroecological living and non-violence, self-sufficiency, self-reliance and sustainability, traditional skills and values, low impact living and simplicity, all in the spectacular natural setting of Alunisu, a small rural village at the foothills of the Carpathians in Transylvania

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