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Provision is situated in Transylvania, in the North West of Romania. All the classes and accomodations are provided in Alunisu, a village with 100 inhabitants at the foothills of the Apuseni Mountains, 60 km west of the capital of Transylvania, Cluj Napoca.

how to reach us

The closest town to Alunisu is Huedin, one of the many towns along the E60, the main highway artery running through Romania and connecting Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest. Huedin is situated about 100 km east of Oradea (closest Romanian town to the Hungarian border) and 50 km west of Cluj Napoca. 

Arrival by foot, bike, horsecart, carOnce in Huedin center, take the turn direction Belis. Ather 5 km take the exit to the right which brings you into Sancraiu. Meander through this lovely village without  taking any turns. At the final crossroad, go straight ahead, a sign “Alunisu 3km” indicates you are going the right direction.

Arrival by Train: Huedin also has a well connected train station, with trains coming from Budapest, Oradea, Timisoara, Arad, Cluj Napoca, Bucharest, Constanta. The trains never stop for long in Huedin, so be ready and near the door when the train arrives in the station!  There are three options of train transport from Cluj-Napoca: passenger, the slow train (1.5 hours) to Huedin, or interregio and intercity (50 min) which costs considerably more. 

Once in Huedin one can take a taxi or hitch hike (a very common practice) to Alunisu. Walk to the center of town and find the large Hungarian Church and the road to Belis, There is a small, triangular shaped “square” with benches along the road.  From here, semi-professional taxis (20-30 lei – 4-6 Euro) wait and cars will stop to take hitch-hikers (offer 5 lei for benzine).

Arrival by plane:  The closest international airport is Cluj Napoca (60 km). Other possibilities are Budapest or Bucharest. From Cluj airport one can take a taxi to Alunisu (indicate well that it is the 'Alunisu' close to Huedin, since there are more Alunisu's close to Cluj!).  Expect to pay around 200 lei (45 euros) for the 1,5 hour drive.  Or take a taxi or bus to the train station in Cluj and take a train to Huedin (see under traveling by train). 

Provision is situated in Alunisu/Magyarokereke, a small Romanian/Hungarian village in the Western part of Transylvania. We are nestled in the foothills of the Western Carpathians, or Apuseni Mountains in a small oasis of fruit and walnut trees on the divide of wild mountain forest and gently rolling agricultural land. In the mountains just bordering the village to the west, bears, wolves and lynxes still roam in a vast stretch of nature preserve connected to the famous Padis plateau, where hikers and spelunkers like to explore a complex terrain of mountains, rivers and caves. The rolling hills on the Eastern side of Alunisu is where local smallholders have been cultivating the fields for centuries. Still today, more horse and ox-powered carts and plows are seen than tractors. Still today, whole families are seen working together to collect hay, to cultivate and harvest the land, to collect fruit from the trees, and to work the various elements of subsistence farming. This makes Alunisu an excellent place for guests of Provision to see and experience the traditional life of Transylvania as well as to enjoy the splendor of its natural setting.


Romania and Transylvania

Everybody knows that Transylvania is where Dracula became a legend.  If someone in the West would happen to think further about Romania, he or she is most likely to think of a very poor, formerly communist country where, decades ago, orphanages were overflowing. These old clichés color the picture that most people have about a land richly endowed with natural resources and also having a wealth in human cultural preservation.

Romania is heir to the last remaining vast stretches of wilderness and virgin forest in all of Europe (excluding Russia).  Romania is a place where thousands of sustainable rural villages are still being managed in much the same way as they have been for centuries. As Prince Charles, who owns a hunting domain here, has implied: it is the only country where old European-style subsistence farming still flourishes.  Romania is currently also an economically booming country where new luxuries mushroom overnight in cities rich with history.  In short, Romania is a land at the crossroads between two worlds.  Two worlds, which, for now, co-exist in a dynamic interplay…

From Alunisu it is only 60 km East to the capital of Transylvania: Cluj-Napoca. This is a main cultural center with one of the largest universities of the country. From here, visits to other parts of the country, such as Maramures, the monasteries of Bucovina, the central Carpathians with Brasov, Sigosoara and the Fagaras, the Danube Delta and, of course, the capital city Bucharest are all easily accessible. The Hungarian border is only 100 km West of Alunisu.  From here, regions famous for their wine production and the beautiful city of Budapest are all within reach.

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 Provision is a new school for agroecological living and non-violence, self-sufficiency, self-reliance and sustainability, traditional skills and values, low impact living and simplicity, all in the spectacular natural setting of Alunisu, a small rural village at the foothills of the Carpathians in Transylvania!