Learn & Work Internships

Lars and Robyn offer the possibility to work and learn together with them on their small traditional family farm. By joining them with their daily tasks, seasonal jobs and particular projects, you will have a chance to experience what it feels like to live the traditional self-sufficient life. In so doing, you will learn the skills that might help you direct your own life towards more autonomy, simplicity and sustainability.

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This is a unique opportunity to live and work on a small scale, horse powered farm within the traditional infrastructure of a peasant-life-style-oriented community. The focus of this internship is on acquiring handicraft skills that are useful in rural life and increasing your comfort with living simply, so that you are better prepared to begin your own self-sufficient farm.

This is a position for an individual, or couple, who is self-motivated, hard-working and has specific interest in small scale self-reliant farming and simple living.


We have bought a traditional, all natural, farmhouse in 2009 at the foothills of the Western Carpathians (Apuseni Mountains) in the village of Alunisu. Since then we work with our hands to enrich our lives with peasant wealth and submerge ourselves into local rural culture and experience. We choose to work without power tools or other such modern conveniences.  In 2012 we founded Provision, the Transylvanian School for Self-Sufficient Living, in order to provide the opportunity for equally motivated and interested people from all over the world to learn with and from us about the rich existing peasant knowledge and skills still used in our village. We have a son who will turn five years old this spring, so we stress that this is a family and child-friendly environment (those with children are welcome to apply!).

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Work on the farm:

·      daily tasks; animal care; one draft horse, seven dairy goats (milking), chickens, rabbits, dog, cat, cooking, cheese making, cleaning…


·      Regular jobs like bread baking, butter churning, gardening…

·      seasonal work; haying, planting, growing, harvesting, canning & preserving, butchering, juicing & distilling…

·      Projects like natural building, infrastructure improvement, farm upkeep…

Work with the village community:

Alunisu is a peasant community struggling for its existence in the speed of modern ‘development’. Many of the inhabitants (around 100 in total) are older (though many of them still farming!) and in need of help. We very much encourage our interns to partake in the work of these villagers, help where it is needed. We ourselves do this as well. This is a great opportunity to do social service, learn skills first hand and have wonderful cultural exchanges.

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Work for Provision:

During summer season we provide courses and workshops for Provision. This brings along a fair amount of organization and work. Our interns can help to keep our farm running smoothly as these courses are happening, and at the same time have the opportunity to join and learn from the courses/workshops as well.

Work schedule:


Summertime is a busy season. Some days will be fuller and longer then others. We work with the flow of season, weather, ongoing projects and personal energy. Weekends are off and create the opportunity to take care of personal needs. Sundays we respect the day of rest of the community.

In exchange for work we offer the chance to learn and to live within a lively traditional village setting, together with lodging and food.



Depending on available space and needs, housing will be offered within our own homestead, or in a separate house.


Almost all of the food we eat ourselves, and share with Provision students and interns is organic and either homegrown or locally grown. In the weekends we ask our interns to arrange for their own meals.

Open positions:

Up to 4 full time positions open from May through October.


We encourage a minimum stay of 2 months and stress that this is a unique possibility for a couple who would like an intensification of self sufficient living before venturing off themselves.

There is a trial period of 2 weeks before full commitment from either side.

For any questions or additional information please write to us.

If you are interested, please send resumé, letter of intent, and 2 references to contact@provisiontransylvania.com