How to make a donation to Provision

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If you would like to make a donation to Provision, 

please contact us here 

and we will provide you with the information how best to do this.

Or make a bank transfer to:

Reference Name: Asociatia Provision Transylvania

IBAN EURO account: RO17BTRLEURCRT0492346201

IBAN RON account: RO67BTRLRONCRT0492346201

Swift/Bic: BTRLRO22XXX

Bank: Banca Transilvania S.A.

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Provision would like to offer you the opportunity to divert some of your resources (financial or other) towards turning life on Earth towards what is more just and beautiful.  Provision lives, like nature does, on the grace of donations. Provision can grow and flourish this way, just like a meadow flower gets its sustainable service donations from the soil, air, rain and sunshine.  

Provision uses its donations for:

- the creation of improved infrastructure to receive its visitiors, students and volunteers. Better accommodation will provide for more people to enjoy an inspiring time at Provision, and then, in their turn, make their own change, small or large. We are devoted to use local and renewable building materials and follow, wherever possible, traditional architectural styles. 

- the realization of a common space for teachings and group processes is also high on the list. At provision we pay attention to practical knowledge and skills and equally important to us are the work for the inner self and the work of reconnection with the natural world around us. This is done through experiencing deep ecology, the Work that Reconnects, NonViolent Communication, yoga and meditation and also through music and other group processes.

- the continuing improvement of  farm work.  Provision is a small exemplary farm in agroecological peasant and permaculture ways of farming, a living example of how small farms are able to feed humanity, a living farm to pass on the knowledge and skills to new small farmers and gardeners.  We do not grow to sell for a financial profit.  We do grow to eat, to feed, to experiment, to learn, to teach, to evolve and change, all meeting the criteria for social and/or environmental profit.

- Service work and activism.  We help wherever possible in our local community and we feel it as our moral duty to be active in the larger world as well. Provision by itself can be seen as activism, and it is, still, we choose to contribute time and efforts to several civil society initiatives which are related to food sovereignty, agroecology and people’s access to land.  We are participating in awareness raising in the field of The Great Turning away from the Industrial Growth Society towards a more beautiful and balanced human participation in the systems of our planet.

In case you have a preference on how your donation is used, in which domain, you can specify this. Otherwise we will use it where it is needed most at the moment.

“Really the only security is to be found in community: the gratitude, connections, and support of the people around you.  If you have wealth now, I recommend, as your investment advisor, that you use it to enrich the people around you in lasting ways.” 

- Charles Eisenstein

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