The solutions are in the Soil! July 9 - 13

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This course was planned for July 2020. We are still patiently waiting for the moment that we have enough confidence to announce that it can happen in 2021. For now, you may keep in mind that we hope to be able to offer this course from 9 - 13 July, 2021.

We are happy and excited to announce that Marc Siepman is coming back to Provision after the successful course of 2019 !

This video gives an impression of what to expect:

Provision invites you to come learn the essentials of 


Soil Food Web

This course is facilitated by guest lecturer Marc Siepman from The Netherlands who is dedicating his life energy to inspire humans to slow down long enough to delve into the ground of our being.  Come learn how to both save and savour the soil right under our feet as a prescription for individual and collective survival!

During this course you will meet several important inhabitants of a healthy soil: bacteria, fungi, protists, nematodes, earthworms, and more. What’s their purpose? How do they relate to each other? And more importantly: how can we help them so they can do their important work?

Although soil life is infinitely complex, taking care of it is not. We must learn to trust the complexities and team up with all life.

In order to make the course financially very acceseable to a wide variety of particiapants, we are running a crowdfunding campaign to cover most costs. See here (in dutch) the campaign.

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For more details on the course and  for registration please follow

this link 

to Marc Siepmans' page