NVC with Robyn in Cluj

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Robyn will be at the House of Colored Giraffe in Cluj on:

23 January, 13 February  and 12 March 

Robyn brings 25 years of study, practice and personal healing work to her sessions with individuals. Robyn loves to work with issues such as family systems, addiction, attachment, trauma and grief.  She wants to offer herself as a resource for those who may benefit from NVC mentorship; looking at ways to apply NVC to particular life situations.  Robyn is also passionate about the potential in Constellation Work for experiential learning and healing with both individuals as well as in group sessions.

From 14:00 till 18:00 

❀  1 hour individual sessions: NVC mentoring, constellation work and body-centered trauma recovery practices

150 RON per hour

From 18:30 till 20:00

❀  Open group constellation session

50 RON pp

Please call Robyn for further information and registration at 0725.575.838, or contact her via email here


Robyn Marie Bors Veraart, born in New York, USA,  is trained as a Psychotherapist (MA Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University), Music Therapist and Gestalt Therapist.  And is now a certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication through CNVC.  Her career was spent “on the inside” when she worked in a large and multi-tiered Prison where, along with her service as “counselor," she offered courses in yoga and meditation.  She came to NonViolent Communication through the door of NonViolence, having spent time in La Borie Noble, a community in France which was begun by a student of Gandhi.  She considers herself “planted” in a peasant lifestyle in the small Transylvanian village where she is actively working with several NGOs for social change.  Robyn supports her local community by promoting restorative, regenerative and resilient practices on all levels: from waters and soils, through local food and economies as well as in heart, body, mind and expression.