The Permaculturists of Romania at Provision!


Permaculture Teacher Charlie Headington, from Greensboro USA, gave a superb class this past weekend at Provision. He explained about the principles of permaculture design, gave a demonstration about sheet mulching and building swales, talked about guilds for fruit trees and involved the group in making an herb spiral and hazlenut wattle fence. Fifteen enthusiastic participants joined us for this permaculturally enriching weekend.  From left to right: Charlie, our teacher, Sofie a traveling Wwoof volunteer from Belgium, Christof a bicycling Wwoofer from Sweden (to Japan!), Mark & Adina with their son David (in front), architects from Cluj, Radu from Cluj, co-founder of the Romanian Permaculture Association, Nassim from Germany and Wwoof volunteer at Ermitaj Malin, Szuzsi and Roger from the Organic Art Range in Rachitelle, Florin, agriculture student in Cluj and together with Radu founder of the Romanian Permaculture Association, Bob, British and constructing a house with grass roof in a hamlet next to Cluj, his wife Nadia is taking the picture, Robyn and Lars, orginaziers, Adina and Victor from Alba Iulia, founders of Asociatia Ruralia and involved in the Slow Food movement and Phillipe, owner of permaculture farm 'Ermitaj Malin'.