Sustainable Laundromat


All over Transylvania one can still find old-fashioned laundry stations next to sparkling mountain streams. Water is diverted from its normal current into a big tub with opened sides. Dirty laundry is thrown in and left for a little while after which it is fished out with a hook on a long stick. Any one lucky enough to live next to a stream can build a Laundromat!  In Transylvania, families often build one of these Laundromats along side of a water-powered grain mill. Other villagers can then come with their grains to mill and/or laundry to wash, creating a steady stream of business. On warm days in summer women bring their rugs to wash off all the dust and get them clean for the next winter season, when many rugs are needed to cover the cold floors.


Study the pictures well and build one your self! The diameter of the one on the picture is about 2,5 meters, the planks are about 8 cm thick. Because of a lack of rain, the stream of water on these pictures is small.  Ideally it would be nice and turbulent, so that the laundry is thrown all over the tub. 

While we were at this mill washing our rugs, one of the neighbors came by and threw in her laundry – sheets and some clothes, for just 10 minutes and pulled it back out again, put it in her laundry cart and pulled it back home to hang it up to dry.

With modern consciousness it is of course understood that either no soap or bio-degradable soap is used.