Provision Newsletter December 2017


2017 has been a full year for Provision, 

with growth and development in different domains



We are doing well. This surprises us, since we realize that we are deeply connected to a large variety of living beings and systems that are not doing well. How can one be well, when so many parts of the whole are not? Though, truly, we feel healthy, are grateful and full with wonder and love. 

Carsten is six and a half now and growing into a beautiful young boy. He is curiously exploring his worlds in the outdoors and inside of himself. He is happily going to the local school and learned to really speak both Romanian and Hungarian this year.


We grew again most of our own food. We started to cultivate a field which had not been used for agriculture for over ten years. We grew crops like potatoes, carrots, beans and onions here. The first two with great success, the other two as complete failures. We had a field with oats and one with triticale, which we use for bread, porridge and animal food. The greenhouse provided us with  loads of tomatoes and cucumbers. 

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In January our beloved workhorse Roybu passed away at age 12, caused by a chronic kidney condition. Although emotionally not easy, we replaced him in the spring with a 9 year-old, very gentle and strong workhorse. Dutsu (photo) has joined us with dignity and has helped us to continue our self-sufficient life. We also got two young Hucul horses, a not well known local breed, small in stature, strong, resistant and excellently adjusted to local circumstances. Currently we are training them to be fitted for work and mountain riding.

We maintain our small herd of goats, at the moment nine pregnant girls and two boys. They have provided us again a whole season with superb milk and cheese, rich fertiliser (manure) and wonderful company, and yes, also high quality meat.

Provision’s Infrastructure

Provision has a school/group house!  A traditional peasant farm holding came for sale, just opposite from Provision’s guesthouse. This house we plan to transform into the Provision school/group house, in which we can offer and host courses, workshops, meetings, seminars…. In the attic we plan to create a dormitory to host students and guests. The garden has an orchard and is bordered by a little stream. Robyn hopes to transform the old hay barn into a meditation / yoga / sacred space.

- Provision's new school/group house


- Provision's guesthouse (with new school house in the background)


We are building a summer kitchen and covered terrace. We build with local wood and most of the work is done by ourselves. The main structure is standing, all done with traditional joinery, no nails and screws. This has meant a lot of chiseling during the summer months (with enormous antique chisels from Dutch windmill builders)!



Provision has hosted again a number of volunteers this summer. They learned and worked at Provision's farm and also provided many days of help to the peasants of Alunisu. 


Non Violence

Robyn continues deepening into and learning about Non Violence and Non Violent Communication (NVC) while taking part in national and international communities related to these practices. She continues her meditation and helaing work also as part of the path of Non Violence.


ALPA and Ecoruralis

Lars has been one of the main drivers in creating a new NGO named ALPA, ’Acces La Pamant pentru Agroecologie’ or Access to Land for Agroecology. ALPA is dedicated to supporting young farmers access to land by saving the land from the commodity market. ALPA aims to support small-scale farmers and farming methods and to protect biodiversity.  These efforts are also part of a larger, European network of organizations working toward soil health and biodiversity through supporting farmers who want to work in harmony with nature.


Ecoruralis is a Cluj Napoca based NGO which works for the rights and needs of peasants in Romania. Lars has joined this year the coordination committee to continue to direct his energy towards a more just way of growing and consuming food, not just at Provision, but also far beyond the borders of Alunisu. For both ALPA and Ecoruralis Lars travelled this year to Berlin, Devon (UK), Brussels and Bucharest for seminars and conferences on ‘access to land’ and agroecology.

P1120061 (1)

Photo: Ecoruralis Coordination Commitee meeting at Provision

Preview of 2018

We will continue to put our energy towards a world that works for ALLOur strategies for this are at the moment: Provision with Food Sovereignty and NonViolence as cornerstones, Romania’s NVC community, Ecoruralis and ALPA. These organisations and movements all work for this common goal; a peaceful future of humankind in a healthy environment. We chose to  believe that this is possible and that it might even not be that far away! We are happy to be able to share that it looks as if the village community is growing; in this coming year there are plans for between three and five houses to be lived in again after many years of emptiness.  We see this as a sign that rural communities and reconnection with nature are on the rise again! 

For Provision we will focus on improvement of the infrastructure. We plan to renovate the newly acquired schoolhouse, to add an efficiency kitchen and bathroom to the guesthouse and to continue with the building of the summer kitchen. Yes, this is much and yes this means that agriculture will have to go on a low burner this coming year. We are planning an Open School House Renovation Intensive the first 2 weeks of July. This means that everyone who feels she or he can give a positive contribution to construction and renovation activities is welcome to join us in this effort. We will keep you posted for more details!

We wish you an inspiring new year, in which you can follow your heart and be part of positive change!

Robyn, Lars & Carsten