Paix, Force et Joie

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We would like to wish everyone 

'Paix Force et Joie', Peace Strength and Joy

around these days of celebration, reflection and looking forward.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped this past year to make the start of Provision a success! 2012 was the year that our School of Self Sufficient Living saw its debut and immediately started enjoying its life of growth and discovery.

Special thanks go to the teachers who have shared their time and knowledge: Szilard, Antal, Douglas and Charlie. We would also like to thank each and every member of the community of Alunisu for making it the place it is, plus Vlad and Oana for your enthusiasm and delicious tranditional cooking.  Then to the dear volunteers who came to us this summer: Steven and Chenny, Mike and Laura, Geena and Kenzie, your sweat has left its beautiful traces. Also to those who helped with the translation of Provision's website in several languages, a time consuming job: Sandrine and Fred (French), Mareen (German), Henk and Franneke (Dutch) and Victor and Adina (Romanian, in process). Big thanks to Linda as Carsten's Nana during our first couseweek, Frank as our main 'tech support', friends and family far and nearby for support large and small. And last but not least to our pioneer students who decided to join our first courses: you all were great and we have learned a lot from all of you!

We are looking forward to a beautiful new and second season, 

full of good cheer and plenty of provisions!


Lars & Robyn