New Year 2014 

"Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency.  Man is a social being."  

- Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Community,

2013 was an interesting, somewhat difficult, also good year for Provision.

One thing that we feel wonderful about is that we could, as a family, move closer to our vision of going into the winter with our root cellar and hay barn full with food to see us and our animals through the winter.  As far as our food is concerned, we are completely self-sufficient except for cereals (a big exception!), sugar, salt and a bit of oil.
The most difficult and troubling element of this year was the tragic accident of one of the younger farmers in Alunisu.  This has created a hole not only in our hearts, but in the farming community as well, as he was one of two men who owned tractors and worked full-time helping to plough the fields around the village.  The rippling effects of this tragedy will continue to be felt for years...

Personally, we spent more time and energy than we actually had in moving locations to fulfill job and family obligations in 2013.  We were already exhausted before the growing season began.  This winter's rest is helping us to heal and to regain strength on the deeper levels on which our lives are based.  We are so grateful that the fruits of the season's labors were bountiful and that we can lean back upon them while setting our intentions for the coming year.

In 2013, Provision received more requests from enthusiastic would-be participants than we could accommodate!  This fact inspires us, not only to continue the work that we are doing here on a personal level, but also to do what we can to grow and increase the number and variety of offerings.  Many of you asked to come and spend time with the community here, to learn and to share ideas and visions about lifestyle choices that can contribute to the beauty in this world.  We very much hope that those of you who have expressed interest, but were not able to come during the only course week that we offered this year, will be able to join us here this summer.

The summer 2014 season is beginning to take shape in our imaginations.  After a more peaceful winter than we have had in years, we hope that we will be better able to transmit the benefit of this peace both to ourselves as well as Provision's guests this summer.  Instead of one course week, we are considering offering one course week at the beginning of each month from July through September, giving people a wider range of times to visit.  These weeks will include not only the homesteading/gospoderie/smallholding overview as it relates to self-sufficiency, but also regular practice sessions of yoga, meditation and work with music and healing.  We are also very excited about some possibilities for additional workshops in Permaculture, Nonviolent Communication, yoga for parents of young children and holistic animal husbandry.  We are also working on creating a format to include the possibility for people to join us here as longer-term interns.

Wishing you a wonderful transition into 2014!

Lars and Robyn

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