Help your helpers!

Birds are among the most industrious helpers you have in your organic garden. They are the chiefs of pest control; from early morning till late at night non-stop in charge of eliminating small critters that are after your so-carefully-planted crops and fruits. Most birds raise their little ones on insects, the first choice bird baby food. For example, Greater Tits (see photo), which have two nests each summer, will have to gather up to 75kg (!) of insects, eggs and larvae to feed their offspring.

This being said, I think it is obvious that it is in your best interest to help your helpers and make them feel happy and welcome in your garden, also during winter months.

Food is getting extremely scarce for all birds by the end of winter. Especially when the ground is covered by a big layer of snow, as it is at the moment in Transylvania, the birds are having difficult times. I see them gratefully attacking my horse’s fresh dung, finding undigested seeds from the hay and occasional grains of oats or kernels of corn. I also hung a piece thick bacon fat for them from a wire, and this is highly appreciated…