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This spring, while seeds are being planted by Transylvanian peasants hoping for a good growing season and bountiful harvest, Provision planted figurative seeds by becoming a member of ECO RURALIS, a Romanian NGO designed to support organic and traditional farmers. Since we share the same vision and ideals, PROVISION can now work also in collaboration with ECO RURALIS toward common goals. We are looking forward to a fruitful exchange. The initial contacts with their enthusiastic and hard working team have been more than wonderful: thumbs up for their important and great work!  We decided to dedicate this blog to sharing information about their work.


Eco Ruralis was founded in April of 2009 in Cluj-Napoca by farmers from several regions of the country. It is a grassroots association made up of small farmers who practice organic and traditional farming based on environmentally-conscious principles.

Eco Ruralis stands for farmers' rights to practice non-industrialized sustainable agriculture. This includes the right to use, multiply and distribute traditional seeds, the pursuit of strict biosafety regulations (without genetically-modified organisims); the preservation of food sovereignty in Romania; and respect for consumer health.


We envision a society that is environmentally sustainable, economically fair and socially just where peasants are the central part of our food system.


Our mission is to support agroecology and promote small-scale family farming as the dominant, preferable method of agriculture in Romania. We will aid the capacity of peasants to collectively defend themselves against unfair and unequal actions taken by corporations and governments. We wish to actively support a movement of young farmers that will preserve traditional farming practices and assert their control over food production and land rights.

2014 GOALS

Seed Campaign

-Expand traditional seed multiplication, collection, distribution

-Educate the public on traditional seed-saving practices

-Continue advocacy for peasants rights to freely use traditional seeds which would be hindered by the new EU seed regulation (Rule on Seeds)

LandGrabbing Campaign

-Exposing the impact of landgrabbing in Romania regarding large-scale land investments through documentation and analysis

GMO Campaign

-Fight against the authorization of new GM crops (like the NK 1507 corn variety) in Romania and GM crop cultivation in Natura 2000 sites

Peasant Rights Campaign

-Monitor a United Nations Human Rights Council working group that wishes to discuss a Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other people working in rural areas.

 WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

-Increasing the coordination of volunteers and host farms in Romania

more information on the work of ECO RURALIS:

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ECO RURALIS also writes articles for the website of  ARC2020:

and is member of VIA CAMPESINA, International Peasants Movement: