Double seated compost toilet


I would like to share about the new composting toilet at our farm and at the same time thank all the kind hands that helped during the building process!

We have chosen to build a two-seater. This means that there are two toilet seats next to each other, each with its own compartment underneath. The idea is that when the one in use has filled up, we switch to the second one. The first one has time to compost during the months we use the second one. When time comes that the second one has filled up, we empty the first one, (access doors in the back), by now a rich composted material. Etc.


We have used different natural building techniques to amuse ourselves, gain experience, and give students the possibility to work with different materials and techniques.


We started with a wooden frame, no nails used, all wooden peg connections.

Part of the front wall has a hazel branch waddle structure, filled with cob (clay sand and straw). Other wall parts are made with cordwood.

For the foundation we made an exception and used a slab of concrete (with stones and old nails as reinforcement). Little walls on top of this slab are made of locally gathered rocks and lime.


The roof is made of recycled earthen tiles. We oiled the outside with linseed oil and the frame with linseed oil and some (20%) of used engine oil. Most materials come from within a radius of 25 km, except the concrete. Most materials were brought to our farm by horse cart.

The design was, in part, inspired by bird watching structures we have seen in France, so our toilet has little wooden window "flaps" which can be opened and closed depending on weather concerns and where one chooses to look.

Sit back and enjoy...