Courses Summer 2014

113. Alunisu zomer 2013 - Version 2

Provision offers new one-week courses during the summer season 2014!

Dates are: 

June 29 through July 6  (Arrival Sunday evening June 29, departure Sunday morning July 6)

August 17 through 24 (Arrival Sunday evening August 17, departure Sunday morning August 24)

We offer a solid overview of the functioning of a traditional self-reliant farm. Growing, preserving and storing one's own food are central in this lifestyle, and so are they also in Provisions courses. We will explore various aspects of gardening (using traditonal and permaculture principles), holistic animal husbandry, harnassing draft horse power, canning, as well as hands-on milking, cheesemaking and sourdhough bread baking. During the week we will also focus on several traditional natural building techniques predominant in this region of Transylvania such as making and applying plasters with adobe and lime. Our schedule will include yoga and meditation sessions, and, as the evenings in summer are long, this also creates time to enjoy campfires under the starry skies. The exact schedule of the week depends on the participants, the weather and seasonal variation. Most important is the possibility to immerse oneself in this village atmosphere, amidst a peasant culture, together with like-minded souls.

113. Alunisu zomer 2013

We welcome you and hope to see you this summer!

For any questions and more information, please send us an e-mail!