Best wishes for 2016


Alunisu January 1st 2016

Dear Friends,

Wishing you all best wishes for 2016!

 Through the passage of time, so many of you stay close to us in our hearts and our thoughts.

We are grateful for your presence in our lives because each and every one of you has left an imprint here at Provision, whether it is a new recipe, a book left on our shelf, jars waiting in the rootcellar for the next group of visitors or hay we are now feeding to the animals, attention given to the many projects here or service work in the village.  

We wanted to write to give a thumbnail update of our year.  As many of you know, we have been struggling with a need to expand our space so that we could increase our offerings and improve in hosting workshops and courses.  We also had quite a bit of work to do in clearing bits and pieces from our lives in other lands.  We took more than half of 2015 to work, travel and revisit old dreams, other lives and also to create some wonderful new connections with kindred souls upon our way. Since our return we have been able to purchase a small traditional house with barn and orchard, almost connecting to our property. With this expansion we fulfilled a dream for Provision to increase the ability to host guests, students and volunteers.

Since coming home, we have been working hard!  We feel very lucky with the appearance of just the right volunteers at just the right times (Thank you!!!!!!)  We even have some lovely new community members spending the winter with us (Anne and Oswald - who have come from France with their roulotte and two horses over the last 1.5 years!!  Some of the highlights of our year, besides the homecoming itself,  and the rush of work to prepare for winter, was connecting with some specific local communities including EcoRuralis ( working for the rights of peasants and small farmers, the Asociatia pentru Comunicare Non-Violenta (, working to spread the use of Non Violent Communication in Romania, a Zen practice group ( and  we are now involved in efforts to bring the modern Horse Traction movement with better equipment and connections into Romania.  

With a new shipment of books over soil, natural building, permaculture, restoration agriculture, animal husbandry, herbal medicine, creating social profit and a local economy, Non Violent Communication, and Gaian systems, we are delving ever deeper into the philosophies behind Provision (slower winter months days well spent). We are also very grateful to be part of a nascent cooperative project with our friends Dan and Adela from the Casa de Cultura Permanenta in Cluj Napoca ( with whom we have signed papers for the foundation of a Non-Profit Organization based on experimenting with a circular economy.  We are very excited to create more flow between Hazel Village (Alunisu) and Cluj, where the first goal of the new NGO, called "Cercul Social - Social Circle" will be to create a KarmaKitchen in Cluj with the fruits of local wisdom from the village.  

Thank you for your gifts of support in whatever form they are taking - including well wishes! We are also wishing that your dreams and projects are advancing well and that you are able to take care of yourselves in the process :)

Until we meet again,