Provision Courses


Every year we offer a number of courses, which you can find announced on our event page. If you want to attend, please register as indicated.

We also offer our space for others to hold workshops or courses at Provision, as long as we share the same or similar values (Read here about our principles & values). Please contact us, we are happy to host your event.


26 Alunisu hr door Vera Duivenvoorden

We serve healthy farm-style meals with, as-much-as-possible, local and organic products. Vegetarian an option (please let us know before hand if you prefer not to eat meat).     

Any variations to basic meat or vegetarian diet are challenging for us (for instance, we have learned that a vegan diet tends to take us more into buying food that is produced further away, therefore with more chemoindustrial inputs than we would like to support).  Our request is that if you have a specialized diet to please bring whatever you need for the length of your stay (Alunisu has no store and no ATM, so please take care of your shopping  before arrival).

Accomodation options

Different options for accomodation are possible. Options 1 - 4 are organised by Provision, option 5 is self-organised. Options 1 - 4 have comfort levels that reflect voluntary simplicity such as outside solar shower and compost toilet.

1) Camping

2) Haybarn

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3) Shared room in one of the Provision houses

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4) Stay with local villagers (some also have shower and flush toilet in their homes).

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5) Bed and Breakfast in the village of Sancraiu, at 3 km distance from Alunisu and Provision. These guesthouses offer comfort in regards of shower and toilet, in case this is of personal importance. You can use this link to the local tourist office in order to find your perfect guesthouse.



Provisions proceeds go towards helping those living a sustainable life-style to continue. This involves the organizers and teachers as well as local peasants who offer accomodation, food and knowledge. In this way, we hope to help farms within Alunisu to continue to do the good work that they do, as well as to help Transylvania maintain its traditional beauty and biodiversity.

We are always trying to keep the costs low, to increase accessibility. 

Prices are offered on a sliding scale with a “Basic fee”, a “Balanced fee” and a “Community fee”. The Balanced fee reflects what is needed to organise the course. For those who cannot affored the balanced fee, we like to offer a basic fee. Basic fees are co-created when others, who have more access to financial resources, pay the Community fee.

In some cases we offer two sets of prices, one for Western European citizens and one for Eastern European citizens since there is still a large gap between these regional economies in terms of average salary.

Fees are payed to PROVISION TRANSYLVANIA, the Non-Profit Organisation behind the Provision Farm and Learning Center. 

Our Non-Profit goals can be read here.