Farm & Learning Center

The Farm


Provision Farm is a small family farm operated by Lars, Robyn and Carsten together with the help of numerous volunteers and interns. 

The farm provides for more than 80% of all the food consumed by everyone living on the farm and staying at Provision. 

Most work is done by hand and horsepower. No chemicals and artificial fertilizers are used. 

Provision Farm is situated within the village of Alunisu, as all households in the village used to be owned by peasants. 

Most fields are outside the boundary of the village and the animals graze on the common lands (yes, the village is still holding onto its common lands - just barely…). 

Provision Farm has 10 milk goats, one draft horse and two young Hutcul horses-in-training, chickens and ducks.

There are orchards, vegetable gardens and fields for grains and staples like potatoes, onions and carrots, all on less then 2 hectares of land.

 We use traditional-, permaculture-, regenerative-, and common sense practices.


Learning Center

The learning center is situated on the farm and is an integral part of it. The two are one. It is the space in the place. It is where connections are made, transformations realized and how magic happens. 

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Learning is offered by real life examples, classroom lectures, hands-on practices, group processes, nature and farm exposure. 

The classroom is either indoors, or orchard, garden, barn or mountain top.

Courses are offered by teachers, local and global, including our peasant neighbors from the village who are glad to pass on their grounded wisdom.

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