Provision is

a center for learning, 

(...consciously growing, being and becoming)

planted on a self-sufficient family farm 

in a small rural village in Transylvania 


a place to reconnect 

with Nature, Food, Self and Community 

Our aim is life-enrichment for all living beings. One way we move toward this is through offering of a range of workshops and courses in the fields of agroecology and nonviolence. For us these two are interconnected and, essentially, the same. 

We focus on self sufficient living and nonviolent communication (NVC) and find ways to bring these two skillsets together in a holistic and playful way.

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We hope to inspire our visitors whether students or teachers, friends and family, guests or volunteers, to integrate whatever insights they receive here into their own lives and life situations.

Our courses and workshops are focusing on 

agroecology & nonviolence 

and how these are interrelated… 

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We are

Robyn, Lars and a wider community of teachers and facilitators both local and global, who share their experience and knowledge at Provision.

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You are

Yearning to experience, learn about and become more and more fully aligned with life-enriching, creative,  regenerative and collaborative organisations and systems. 

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